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Purge for Pro/Engineer files and double file checking 

Application Mainly dedicated to Pro/Engineer

Can be use to detect other program's files with same name 

  • Realize a purge (Pro/E type) on a folder or a set of folders
  • can detect files with same name into a set of folders


PURGE function

 Allow a complete purge on a whole directory (and its subs) . The user can select his own file extensions to treat and the number of version to keep. 

In result PurgeVerif gives you the amount of bytes recovered. 

You can also define as set of directory to treat the directories defined as "SEARCH_PATH" in a file.

"VERIF" function

Scan the whole set of directory defined during the purge function and detect all files with same name ( regardless of number  of version ) 

For each case , PurgeVerif offers the users to choose the file to keep and the other to move or to delete.

When Use It ?

  • Purge Function : regularly to save space on disk ( you can treat big project in one step ).

  • Verif Function : when you receive Pro/Engineer files from different source and  to check if there is only one place for one file on your work environment.

30 days FREE TRIAL

If you are interested by this application , please send us an email at , with your needs in term of number of licenses we will return to you a quotation. 

PurgeVerif Download V1.02 . Complete Intallation . (~2000 KO) [still only in french]


  PurgeVerif Download V 1.02 .Just executable file. (~180 KO) [still only in french]


Once download done , click here to see and follow install instruction.

If you already have installed MPrintWork previous version , you can only download the executable file and place it in the MPrintWork installation directory.

If you want to update using complete install, you have to remove previous version of MPrintWork first.



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