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Automatic printing and exporting utility for SolidWorks

This Application is dedicated to SolidWorks


Automatic batch printing and exporting of a selection set of files ( multi printers and multi export format ) .  

Allow selection and sequential loading of a series of SolidWorks files for printing or exporting. All SolidWorks's file type can be printed (Model Part , Model Assembly and Drawing) 

Up to 4 printers can addressed in the same time with line weight management depending on printers/plotters.

You can realize complete files printing in normal, reduced or  distributed mode ( for ex.: big formats on plotter , small on printers) 

  • Selection filter by format ( A0,A1 ... ; E , D ...)

  • Can generate plot files on hard drive in the same time.

  • NEW : Allow to use the new .PDF export creation functionality of SolidWorks 2004

  • Can generate all exportations file type allowed by SolidWorks ( dxf, dwg, sat, iges, parasolid ...).

  • When asking for drawings export, MPrintWork can automatically generate corresponding models exportation files.

a SolidWorks license is required on the workstation to use MPrintWork. 

This Software has been tested on SolidWorks  2003/2004 , Windows 2000 Pro SP2 / XP Pro.


When use it ?

  • When you need to print a complete sets of plans project by project ( one assembly or sub-assembly )

  • For realization of archiving or publishing with  PDF format. (You need corresponding drivers)

  • When you work on a quotation, you can ask for a complete project SolidWorks models printing. 

  • For an automatic export of a whole project. ( With all available format under SolidWorks )

  • All your specific needs ...



main characteristics :

  • up to 4 printers/plotters management

  • printing in "view only" or "normal" mode

  • easy folders and files selection

  • possibility to print on 4 printers , to print into files ( 4 printers ) and to export at the same time.

  • Specific line weight set up

  • New : Can realize .pdf with the SolidWorks 2004 Save As  function

  • Can realize .pdf with acrobat distiller in normal big size (A0,A1... E,D...) [Acrobat drivers are required]

  • English and French version (1.10 and later)


30 days FREE TRIAL

If you are interested by this application , please send us an email at infocom@cadcao.com , with your needs in term of number of licenses we will return to you a quotation. 



Once download done , click here to see and follow install instruction.

If you already have installed MPrintWork previous version , you can only download the executable file and place it in the MPrintWork installation directory.

If you want to update using complete install, you have to remove previous version of MPrintWork first.

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